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MiFi Hotspot for Mobile IP CommunicationsImagine walking into a tavern, pulling a small device out of your shirt pocket, laying it on the bar, and within few minutes having you and your four co-workers sharing a secure network connection back to the office. That future is now.

Check-out the Verizon’s MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. The device enables a WiFi connection for five devices to share a cellular broadband connection to the internet. Any WiFi device can use the hotspot device: notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, smartphones, cameras, PDAs, and more. No more need for redundant connections!

It incorporates password protection, VPN pass-through, CDMA authentication and identification, Dynamic Mobile IP (MIP) key update, and a NAT firewall.  That may sound too geekish, but the features are important for your data security Should you happen to lose AC power, it runs for up to four hours on an internal battery. This is pretty cool mobile tech for something weighing slightly over two ounces and only as thick as eight stacked credit cards,

Imagine the way this technology could help in various situations. How about using it for a student study group, a restaurant business meeting, a shared motel room with only one Ethernet connection and no motel wireless.

Expect to see this marvel of technology in your future, especially as the technology keeps improving.  I’m likely to get one for personal use to conveniently share a WiFi connection when I’m home or on the road, or just to have for personal use roaming nationwide with a broadband connection.


Bob Pauls writes for his company, Des Moines Tech Support, about appropriate technology and computers in business, education, and community development. You can follow Bob on Twitter @desmoinestech.  Bob’s e-mail address is bpauls@dsmtechsupport.com


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